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Information about the registration process, supervision and writing of the bachelor thesis

Students can start their bachelor thesis after completion of the specialization study. Still open examinations and the colloquium must be completed in the same semester as the Bachelor thesis. Exceptions are decided by the examination board.

Information on the registration of the bachelor thesis

If all course-related examinations have been completed, the Bachelor thesis must be registered in the following semester (for the first or second date). If there is no registration by the student, a topic and the examiners will be assigned by the examination board.

The bachelor thesis has to be registered online in a dedicated database. All information must be entered with great care in the data mask. After completing the data mask, you will receive an e-mail containing a request and an attachment. Only if these documents are submitted in due time and in full to the examination secretariat, your registration is valid!

Important: Please note that your examiners must sign the application! Allow plenty of time. The date of submission of your application documents for the bachelor thesis does not influence the submission date of your bachelor thesis. Only after the registration deadline has passed will the examination board meet and the date of submission for the bachelor thesis will be determined.

Please also remember to receive a code for the submission of the bachelor thesis at PlagScan from your first supervisor (see point Plagiarism control below).

Please note the deadlines and deadlines for registering the bachelor thesis.


For the supervision / grading of your bachelor thesis you have to find two reviewers on your own responsibility.

Please note the following rule when selecting your supervisors:

Only university teachers, private lecturers and academic staff, who have been given the right to audit by the Rectorate, can be assigned as supervisors

The supervisors must belong to the Department of Political and Administrative Sciences at the time of publication of the topic

At least one of the two reviewers should have a habilitation or habilitation equivalent (this includes the following groups: professors, junior professors and their representatives in the respective semester, supplementary professors, private lecturers and, as a rule, academic councilors)

First and second reviewers are not allowed to work in the same department

External reviewers

External appraisers can only be appointed in well-founded exceptional cases and in principle only as second appraisers.

A care by external examiners are narrow limits. External reviewers must be applied for at the Examination Board and the curriculum vitae and the list of publications must demonstrate the academic qualifications required to supervise a thesis at the Department of Political and Administrative Science. For this, the existence of promotion and publication activities in scientific journals is a minimum requirement.

Formalities for ordering external reviewers

Clarification of the possibility and the expediency of the order of an external second expert with the first supervisor

Submitting an application to the Examination Board, which shows what contribution the external evaluator could make to the supervision of the bachelor thesis and why no departmental employee would fulfill this task to the same extent

Submit the application along with the curriculum vitae and a publication list of the potential reviewer to the student advisor.

Registration of the Bachelor thesis can only be done after the application has been evaluated.

Cover sheet

The following title page for theses is a sample of the department with correct use of the university logo. Modified variants of this pattern are also possible. Please enter your matriculation number on the title page.

Title change

A change of title must be officially applied for at the Bachelor Examination Board:

Template: Application to change the title of the bachelor thesis

The application must be signed by the first reviewer of the bachelor thesis and submitted no later than one week before the official deadline for the thesis in Examination Secretariat D 349.


If a candidate can not process the work within the given deadline for reasons for which he / she is not responsible, the Bachelor Examination Board may request an extension of the deadline. An extension of the processing period is, however, possible by a maximum of 3 weeks. If the prevention lasts longer, the candidate can return the topic.

There are several reasons for extending the deadline:

1st illness

In case of prevention due to a candidate’s illness, the exam secretary must be informed by email about the prevention. In addition, the candidate must immediately submit a medical certificate in the examination secretariat (D 349). For this purpose, the medical certificate prescribed by the Central Examination Office is to be used in the case of examination inability to take part.

2. Other reasons for prevention

Other reasons for prevention may be directly related to the thesis. As an example, possible prevention reasons are listed here:

– problems with the dataset (eg license, difficult access)

– An interviewee moves the appointment to a later date

– Problems with the response rate

Whether an extension of the deadline is possible must be clarified with the first referee. In doing so, he / she must sign the informal application with the reason for an extension. The following template should be used for this purpose:

Template: Application to the Bachelor Examination Board

The application must be well founded. After the first referee has examined and signed the application, it must be submitted to the examination secretariat (D 349) no later than one week before the end of the processing period.

Deregistration only after submission of the work

In order to keep the student status in the following semester, after submission of the bachelor thesis (stay enrolled), please note the following steps:

1. Pay the refund fee for the following semester in due time.

2. Submit the BA thesis to the Central Examination Office at the end of the processing period. You will be informed of the specific processing period by letter from the examination secretariat of the department at the appropriate time.

3. After registering your thesis, you can send an e-mail to Mrs. Dold, which shows that you want to remain enrolled the following semester after submission of your last examination.

No extended enrollment or immediate de-registration

After submission of the last examination (mostly bachelor thesis) an exmatriculation can be done by the student. Up to four weeks after the start of the lecture period, a tuition reimbursement request may be made. Otherwise, an automatic deregistration by the university will not take place until the end of the semester.

Further information on deregistration.


The department attaches great importance to the high standards of scientific work. In order to prevent the deception attempts (Plagiaten) and to discovers the disregard of the principles of good scientific practice, the plagiarism detection software PlagScan is used already for several semesters.

All students are encouraged to voluntarily upload their theses to PlagScan. Below you will find the instructions for uploading the thesis at PlagScan:

Instructions for using PlagScan (text form)

Instructions for using PlagScan (presentation)

Using PlagScan (Presentation in English)

Important: To upload the bachelor thesis at PlagScan you need a code, which you can get from your first reviewer.

Tips for scientific work

The Department of Political and Administrative Sciences offers students comprehensive support in scientific work. You will find the information of certain chairs, specialist literature and help with the preparation of exposés and theses on the following pages.