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Successfully write the bachelor thesis

How to bring your studies to a successful conclusion!

The bachelor thesis is the culmination of your studies or the foundation stone for the next step. Although some of the work has already been written during the course of studies, this large written task is still a challenge that one has to face. The best way to do this is to organize yourself as well as possible and plan all the steps before you start working.

Basic information about the bachelor thesis

The bachelor’s thesis is connected with the bachelor’s thesis. It is usually the first large, written work that has to be completed during your studies. Of the 180 ECTS of the Bachelor’s degree, the work has a share of 6 ECTS to 12 ECTS. It covers 20 to 60 pages and will be completed in two to four months. It contains at least:

  • the cover sheet
  • a table of contents
  • the introduction
  • the main part
  • the final part
  • a source directory
  • the affidavit
  • The way to the bachelor thesis

1. Find preparation, topic and supervisor

Of course, the topic depends heavily on the supervisor and his priorities and may have already crystallized in the previous semester. Sometimes a bachelor thesis is written in a company and should then be aligned with its scientific interests.

2. Write exposé and create schedule

Through the Exposé the schedule of the work is clear. Here, the supervisor gets a first overview of your work, including the state of research and the question, material and structure. It covers three to five pages.

The schedule should not be too committed, but realistic. This also includes the scheduling of temporal buffer zones. With Excel, such a plan is quite easy to create and then only has to be kept – the latter is sometimes the biggest challenge and trains self-discipline.

3. Literature search

Whether there is sufficient literature on the topic should also be researched in advance. There are several methods to find the right books.

The snowball principle:

If you have found a particularly good book on the subject of your bachelor thesis, you can find other, useful sources based on its references. Their sources also bring you to new literature. So you work through the references.

The systematic search:

In doing so, you systematically search out everything that has to do with your topic, from reference works to searching in bibliographies and researching new developments. Often the online keyword search helps you in the library, but you should not rely on them alone. The best way to mix the two methods is to refer to a broad literature.

If the available copies of a book in the university library are already borrowed or need to be returned quickly because someone has pre-ordered them, there is also the option to buy the works brought. It works very well with studibuch or momox, where you can sell your books again when you no longer need them.

4. Overcome blockades

There will probably be blockages in writing. Here the personal skills are needed to overcome them. Most of the time, write blockades are caused by being afraid of not being up to the task or making too many mistakes. Here it helps to take small steps and work them through step by step. Autogenic training or meditation also helps to relax mentally, while balancing exercise also stimulates brain activity and relaxes the mind through physical tension. From time to time a party also helps, but in the writing phase you should not overdo it.

How good is your lecturer?

The work does not have to be perfect in the first round!

5. Writing and arguing scientifically

The scientific idiom is the crucial element of a bachelor thesis and distinguishes specialized texts from literary or journalistic texts. Note this: You do not have to have any new scientific findings in your bachelor thesis, but you have to prove that you are capable of scientific work.

To work scientifically means, for example, never to argue on the basis of his gut feeling, but always to rely on facts. Even personal valuations have nothing to do with such work. From a being follows no ought, that would be a naturalistic fallacy. Of course you can substantiate your opinion by choosing the content, but the reader can be trusted to draw his own conclusions.

Writing scientifically does not mean using persistently specialized words or nested sentences. Let your language be clear and comprehensible and use technical terms where best to describe an item.

6. Have proof read

Without reliable proofreaders you will not get far. To make it easier, the work is already printed once, for example at Print Now, the booklets are already being printed from a single print run. It is best to ask fellow students, or even friends, who have also studied whether they are willing to read your work. Spelling mistakes or logical difficulties should be painted on the page.

7. Correction and delivery including buffer time

If the work has been read by others and the annotations are written, it will be the last version. Again, a buffer time should be scheduled, because in the end, the excitement can rise again. At some point, however, comes the point where you just have to put an end to it. Theoretically, you can improve a bachelor thesis for an infinite time, but fortunately there is a deadline for a well-deserved end.